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Thread lock

Medium strength thread lock - contents 10 ml.

Temperature resistant from -55 to +200 C
Fills gaps up to 0.25 mm
Final strength achieved after 1 to 3 hours.

Also available in 50ml container: order number 00062030050.

Pret 55,93 lei

KTM power cleaner

Power cleaner for motorcycles and workshops with adjustable nozzle. Easily removes grease dirt grime and other residuals. Suitable for plastic parts frame decals rims suspension seat chain and all other components. Does not degrade rubber or other susceptible surfaces. Contents: 1l.
Pret 91,04 lei

Hand cleanser

Hand cleanser - 250 ml. Gentle ph-neutral hand cleaning cream for effective removal of contaminants such as oil grease etc. Contains extremely fine granules for optimum cleansing.

Pret 47,60 lei

Power Repair Tape

Seals insulates protects. Used for all emergency repairs and maintenance of equipment vehicles and all other kinds of appliances. Seals against pressures up to 8 bar. Insulates cables wires and plug-in connectors up to 8kV per layer. Protects against moisture and corrosion. Can be removed without leaving residues. Can be used on all surfaces even under water. Resistant to oils and chemicals. Outstanding adhesion even on contaminated base layers. Suitable for marking up due to outstanding adhesion.

Silicone based

UV resistant

Temperature resistant from -65 to 260C

300 elongation

Stretch when applying in order to ensure best possible adhesion.

Pret 211,08 lei