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Idle air adjustment screw

The larger outer diameter of the screw head counteracts the effect of soiling in the adjustment screw channel. Furthermore the screw is longer and easier to access for setting the idle mixture on the carburetor.

Pret 80,18 lei

Rekluse Radius X...

The latest generation of the Rekluse automatic clutch featuring EXP and TorqDrive technology.
This automatic clutch is installed into the standard clutch i.e. simple uncomplicated and quick installation.

The benefits:
  • No stalling of the engine in situations such as hard braking starting stopping
  • Take off and stop in gear without using clutch lever
  • No need to constantly use the clutch lever in stop-and-go traffic
  • Smooth engagement and improved traction
  • More relaxed fatigue-free and controlled riding even over longer distances
  • Unrestricted and total concentration on the perfect line
  • Longer clutch life due to lower operating temperatures
  • Manual action of clutch lever is still available and needed to shift from gear to gear
Pret 3.342,31 lei

Outer clutch cover

DO YOU KNOW that all KTM CNC parts are manufactured from highest quality aluminum and therefore not only look good they also withstand the toughest treatment? With the anodized aluminum components in the original factory look from the PowerParts range you can turn your KTM into something very special.
Pret 1.014,15 lei

Slipper clutch

This slipper clutch is an absolute must for every ambitious biker. Everyone knows the horrible feeling of rear wheel hopping: from time to time heavy braking can lead to nerve-racking shuddering at the rear wheel. The solution to this problem: the slipper clutch. It has been developed for use on the racetrack and may contribute to increased wear of the clutch linings.
Pret 5.810,65 lei

E-starter kit

All required parts to attach the E-start to your bike. The combination of kickstart and E-start provides absolute safety for restarting your bike as fast as possilbe.
Pret 1.872,52 lei